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  1. First add the coffee liqueur and vodka to a cocktail shaker and fill up with ice
  2. Shake up until frosted around the outside
  3. Pour into 2 short glasses with ice in
  4. Now add Orange Truffle Baileys and cream to the shaker and top up with ice
  5. Again shake until frosted on the outside
  6. Strain into the glasses over the coffee vodka mixture and ice
  7. (Optional) Garnish with an orange slice and cocoa powder

Top Tips:

  • Make sure you shake the cocktail shaker until it’s frosted on the outside and don’t stop until then!
  • Bigger pieces of ice are better for both the shaking and to have in your glass so you don’t dilute your drink too much
  • Pour the creamy mixture onto the ice rather than straight into the liquid which will help to get those lovely layers!