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  1. Whisk 4 eggs with salt, pepper and onion granules and set aside
  2. Mix cooked rice with soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce and set aside
  3. Get a wok nice and hot, then turn the heat down to medium-high
  4. Spray some oil into the pan and fry off bacon
  5. Once the bacon has some colour and begins to crisp, add mushrooms and fry until they have some colour too
  6. Add rice and sausages and stir fry for a minute or so, stirring continuously
  7. Make a well in the middle of the pan and add the whisked eggs
  8. Leave for a minute, until the bottom begins to set, then mix
  9. Leave again and repeat – keep repeating until egg is cooked through and well scrambled
  10. Once egg is cooked mix in with rest of rice
  11. Meanwhile fry 4 eggs and (optional) cook beans and hash browns to serve with the rice
  12. Serve rice on top of hash browns, with beans on the side and fried eggs on top
  13. Drizzle ketchup and/or brown sauce on top if you like

Top Tips:

  • Note: beans, hash browns, sauces and the extra egg on top are optional, so we haven’t included them in the nutritional calculations
  • Sesame oil tastes amazing in this
  • Hot sauce like sriracha is also delicious on top!
  • Make sure you have a decent, heavy bottomed pan that is a good size and can withstand plenty of high heat