You’ll Need:

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  • The Firebox Unicorn Tears Raspberry Gin – this pink shimmery gin both looks AND tastes amazing!
  • If you’re making these for Christmas, you could use bauble glasses like we did! If not, these martini glasses would work well too
  • You’ll need a drinks measure; you can buy this one on it’s own, or we recommend this kit which includes one, or even this kit with a built in stand!


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  1. Add your gin to your glass of choice
  2. Top up with champagne
  3. Gently pour in the grenadine
  4. Cheers!

Top Tips:

  • Remember the grenadine goes in last if you want the ombre effect
  • Pour the grenadine in very gently and close to the surface of the drink to stop it fully mixing
  • Serve immediately for the best tasting and looking cocktails
  • Use fresh champagne/prosecco so it’s nice and fizzy – which moves the shimmer around the glass and creates that magical effect!