You’ll Need:

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  • We love these silicone utensils – they come in lots of colours to suit every kitchen!
  • Digital scales to weigh everything out super accurately!
  • A set of decent saucepans for boiling your pasta
  • A blender like this one
  • You might want an electric grill like this one – to get that perfect char on your chicken at home, no matter the weather!


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  1. Blend all ingredients except the chicken together
  2. Marinade wings overnight in ¾ of the marinade
  3. Cook on a grill, basting with extra marinade as you go – they will probably take 10-20 minutes, depending on the size of them, and your grill

Top Tips:

  • You may have some extra marinade – you can keep it in an airtight container or bottle in the fridge for a couple of weeks, but if you have contaminated with chicken it’s best to use up within a day – and only to marinade meat, not as a sauce
  • If you don’t contaminate the marinade, you can use it as a sauce, – it’s nice mixed with mayonnaise too!
  • We used an electric grill to cook our wings, but you can use a bbq, frying pan, griddle pan, or even cook in an oven or airfryer if you like
  • This will serve 4 as a main course with other sides like chips/rice and salad, or 6 as a starter