About Us

Meet the team!


Becky is Planet Food’s chef. She creates all of our recipes and cooks them for the camera. (Our office is a very happy place on shoot days). She also styles all of the pretty pictures on this site! When she’s not cooking at work, she’s still cooking for own food Insta @becs.bites! And her favourite food? It has to be either cheese or kebabs. Delicious.


Chelsea is a Video Producer and Becky’s right-hand woman. She does most of the filming with Becky and makes sure Becky doesn’t make too much of a mess. Chelsea loves plants even though they don’t love her.


Sammy edits together the cooking videos to create mouthwatering content. Pasta Bake (loaded with cheese) is his favourite food although the elite Wagon Wheel also requires a special mention. He is (unfortunately) a lifelong supporter of Bolton Wanderers and has enjoyed music gigs from The Rolling Stones to Bob Dylan to The Stone Roses.


Connor is the head of video and oversees content creation for Planet Food. He runs exclusively on coffee, coke (the drink), hot sauce and sarcasm. Curry is - unquestionably - the best food. Except for burgers and pints of ice cream. If he’s not playing video games… no he’ll always be playing video games.