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  1. Mix all herbs and spices with breadcrumbs and flour
  2. Mix egg and hot sauce
  3. Dip chicken pieces into hot sauce and then crumb mix
  4. Deep fry in vegetable oil at a temperature of 180°C for 3½ minutes
  5. Remove from pan and place on a cooling rack lined with kitchen paper to drain excess oil

Top Tips

  • To chop the chicken, first butterfly, then cut into rough nugget shapes. Nothing is stopping you going rogue though, and cutting into strips or other shapes! Just be aware cooking times may vary slightly
  • Preheat your oil before you put the nuggets in – use a thermometer to check the temperature – you will need to heat the oil slightly above 180°C at first as adding the nuggets will bring the temperature
  • You may need to cook the nuggets in batches if your pan isn’t that big – so that the pan isn’t overcrowded, as this will stop the nuggets from cooking through and crisping up properly
  • Keep checking the temperature of the oil throughout – 5-10 degrees above or below 180 should be okay, but too much difference will affect how the nuggets cook – if the oil isn’t hot enough they won’t cook through and crisp up in 3½ minutes; if it’s too hot the outside will cook and burn but the inside won’t be cooked through