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  1. Mix the stuffing and sausage meat and set aside
  2. Cut out the shortcrust pastry using the bigger side of the cutter. (base side)
  3. Cut out puff pastry using the smaller side of the cutter. (lid side)
  4. Spray pie maker with oil and wipe around with kitchen towel
  5. Add shortcrust pastry to bottom of pie maker 
  6. Layer pie in this order – turkey, sausage stuffing mix, cranberry sauce, brie, cranberry sauce
  7. Top with puff pastry
  8. Brush with milk
  9. Close the lid and cook for 12 minutes

Top Tips:

  • Don’t overfill the pies! You need the pastries to stick together and not burst when cooking
  • This would be a great recipe for Christmas leftovers – that way you don’t even need to make the turkey and stuffing for the filling, and you don’t waste leftover cheese from the cheeseboard – try a different cheese like a stilton or milder hard cheese like a cheddar!
  • If you’re making quite a few of these pies, you can reheat them all together in the oven once they’re all made