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  1. Mix balsamic, chicken stock, maple syrup, cranberry sauce, orange zest, dried rosemary and thyme
  2. Add chicken breasts and leave to marinade for 30 minutes
  3. Add oil to a frying pan and cook chicken breasts on a medium heat until browned on each side and cooked through (reserving extra marinade liquid)
  4. Once chicken is almost cooked add the rest of the liquid on a high heat
  5. Let the sauce reduce and get sticky
  6. Add fresh cranberries and herbs and serve immediately

Top Tips

  • Try to pick up chicken breasts that are similar in size so that they will cook evenly – if they are unequal, you can thin the thicker ones by covering them in cling film and bashing with a rolling pin until your desired thickness is reached
  • Make sure the ingredients for the marinade are thoroughly mixed
  • Cook the chicken on a medium-low heat initially, and don’t flip or move around too often or you won’t get the lovely brown colour on the sides
  • Keep stirring the sauce when on a high heat so it doesn’t stick to the pan