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  1. Make sure all filling ingredients are chopped to similar sizes
  2. Mix all filling ingredients with the herbs, and gradually add gravy until you have a slightly sticky consistency – don’t add too much and make it soggy!
  3. Spray the samosa maker with oil, then line with the pastry, cut to size
  4. Add filling – not too much!
  5. Top with another sheet of pastry
  6. Cook for 10 minutes until golden
  7. Remove from samosa maker and chop into 6

Top Tips:

  • We haven’t specified quantities because it will all depend on how much leftovers you have!
  • You can put absolutely anything in these samosas – mash can go in them, other vegetables can go in too! Just make sure that everything is chopped to a similar size and they will be perfect
  • Why not try putting cranberry or apple sauce inside your samosas too instead of using them as a dip?
  • Make sure you cut your pastry so that it fits the samosa maker perfectly, as it can expand slightly when cooking
  • Don’t overfill your samosas or they won’t stick together! 
  • We found that shortcrust pastry worked best, but if you have time you could make traditional samosa dough. You can also use puff pastry, filo pastry or tortilla wraps!