Chocolate Bars That Deserve A Giant version

The problem with some chocolate bars – there’s just not enough of them.


These bars are so good but they are TINY. This chocolate bar is a childhood favourite for most people but their only problem is there’s not enough of them.

Cadbury Fudge:

This classic is unfortunately finshed in three bites and most definitely deserves a foot long version.


One of the nations favourites. If any bar deserves a foot long version surely its a snickers?

Dairy milk:

You can’t beat a plain Dairy Milk bar, it’s just so good. Imagine a foot long of it.


This bar is loved by adults and children alike. It is one of the few bars where you actually feel like you get a decent amount of chocolate. But, making a footlong Yorkie would be even better.

Galaxy Ripple:

This bar always feels so luxurious but it is quite small – a foot long version of this would go down a treat.



Flakes are delicious, but, by the time half of it has crumbled away you are definitely left wanting more. A foot long Flake would definitely not go amiss.


Imagine a foot long of gooey caramel and chewy nougat. Now that sounds like something we all need.

Kinder Bueno:

These bars of goodness are so good that they are in no way big enough. A foot long Kinder Bueno would be something of dreams.


This chocolate is underrated. It’s one of the all time classic chocolate bars that would be 10 x better if it was brought out in a giant version.