There’s no denying that chocolate is the best pick-me-up in these difficult times.

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Fortunately, there’s so many exciting new sweet treats to indulge on just in time for Christmas.

KitKat Launches Hazelnut Spread Flavour In The UK

KitKat are one of the chocolate brands that are pulling out all the stops this festive season with their brand new Hazelnut Spread two-finger offerings.

Everything is made better with hazelnut spread (Credit: Shutterstock)

The delicious spread flavour biscuits are made from sustainably sourced cocoa, making it the ideal guilt-free delight.


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The new flavour biscuits are launched just a month after the chocolate brand treated us with a yummy honeycomb flavour bar – perfect for dunking into a cuppa!



Amy Bennett-Inge, assistant brand manager for KitKat, said: “We’ve experienced huge demand for our two-finger KitKats this year and we know that fans love to try new flavours from the brand.

“We think our honeycomb and chocolate hazelnut spread varieties really hit the spot, and we’re sure they’ll become popular new additions to the range.”

KitKat is releasing two new UK flavours - honeycomb and chocolate hazelnut

Now we can enjoy the KitKat flavour in multiple ways and not just in a biscuit.


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We’re pretty sure this is to become a firm favourite with chocolate lovers.

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Thankfully this is out in time for Christmas and will definitely be enjoyed as a new indulgent snack.

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